Sunday, February 15, 2004

valentine's day was nice... i got a great card from hubby. you know when a card is so perfect, you can hear your husband's voice saying the words as you read it.. and it's sooo romantic... i loved it. and plus i bought him a puter game and he seemed pleased with it, i was so afraid to buy it, but he opened it excitedly... so that was cool. we went out for dinner, and he told me about movies and i ate a bunch of chicken wings that were very good. he bought me 'bruce almighty' don't you just CRINGE when he says 'I AM BRUCE ALMIGHTY, MY WILL BE DONE'... that's the only part of the movie that really sent me for a loop lol. even tho God gave him His powers, he was obviously having a little trouble in the omnipresence department. i wouldn't be sayin' anything like that anyway lol. but still, cute movie. thought it was worth buying, i asked for it for Christmas from our gift exchange in hubby's family, but we got the shaft hehe, never got the gift, so we stopped waiting for it, and just bought it. there's not enuff feel-good movies in the world. have you noticed that? TONS of senseless action flicks... ain't it always the way...

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

man oh man, i haven't posted in here for like a month! my bad.. i think it's hard to have witnesses sometimes... in a Christian website. i don't know how many people read my blog, but i know some do. and during tough times you can feel a little vulnerable *shiver*.. does anybody ever feel like they just don't fit in? now for me that has never been a problem.. but... let's face it, it's the Christian community who come to view my website.. i would think. and i just wonder where my place is... i feel at home with God... it's not that... but at my church... oh nevermind... i don't know who i am talking to on my blog here.

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