Thursday, January 15, 2004

Sometimes a girl just needs a good home theatre... a new 36'' tv, a dvd player for Christmas.. stuff like that.. perhaps you are thinking that a 36'' tv is pretty small these days, but i really didn't want one of those big screen projection type dealies, i don't like the new technologies yet. i was reading up on them, and apparently they come with major drawbacks, and i don't want any major drawbacks. i want a tv that i can view from 2 feet off center, and i don't want one that's going to suffer burn in, and that can't handle fast movement, or WHATEVER. and i don't like the widescreen tv's coz they make the tv look smaller and they distort the picture, or i don't like those black bars at the top and bottom; i will stick with a good flat flatscreen HDTV ready BIG tv, that will do me good. i sometimes think that tv and movies is like one of mankind's crowning glories... it brings us together in like minds, etc, it molds and shapes humanity... i think it's powerful... a feel good movie can make millions of people..... FEEL GOOD lol, that's no small potatoes. i bought a couple of tom hanks and meg ryan movies today. sleepless in seattle and you've got mail. i remember i started chatting because of that movie. (you've got mail) see how a movie can change your life? here i am today because of it... go figure..

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

well, baby hannah has lost another grandparent. my brother came over last night and told us his wife's father died. he just dropped dead while shovelling snow in their driveway. very sudden and sad. they lived just out of town, and there was a blizzard. one of her sister's husband's saw him drop and ran out and gave him cpr, but couldn't revive him, and it took the ambulance like a half hour to get there, and THEY couldn't revive him. then it took the ambulance about 45 minutes to get back to the hospital coz they had to clear the roads in front of them. and nobody could revive him. they don't know yet what he died of. maybe was a heart attack, or a stroke. don't know. but i was thinking last night.. it's better to just fall in a second and die just like that, than to die of cancer or something. i mean, as far as deaths go, it was a good death. but that doesn't change how sad heather is at losing her father. she has flown back home first thing this morning. my bro and hannah will follow in a day or two. my prayers go up for heather and her father and family.

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