Tuesday, May 18, 2004

God is so giving blessings lately, soo answering prayer! i love feeling close to God! i love feeling that God is totally watching over you and taking care of you actively.. i love feeling part of His kingdom. we were just talking about how people are either hot for God or totally NOT, that people are in God's kingdom or satan's, there's no if's, maybe's, gray areas.. i was listening to fishburn talk about the movie the matrix, and you know the new age matrix philosophy crap they spout in that movie.. and he was saying 'oh there's a bit of buddhism, a bit of Christianity, a bit of everything for everyone' type deal.. and i was thinking, you can't HAVE a BIT of Christianity, there's no such thing! it's an all or nothing type deal. it's all God or it's not God, you can't have 'a bit' of God. you are either in or you're out. tho i do stop to ponder the differences between Christians sometimes.. like those sexist swaggering loud keep their wives under their thumb men who have an arrogance about them that just won't quit.. it's so different from someone who is just trying to keep it real with Jesus and get to the simple truth of God. and i wonder about the other side of the sex and subservience coin, those strange women that 'serve' their men and treat them like they are.. oh nevermind. and those televangelists that have Holy Ghost parties, like they are selling a self improvement course.. a tony robbins seminar. but there's a scripture about Jesus' body having many body parts, or something like that, so maybe that's all it is. and some body parts are funny lookin' as we all know lol. i'm prolly an ear lobe.

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Monday, May 03, 2004

i have been feeling so close to Jesus while reading the bible lately! it's so exciting :) i really think that it's the way the bible is meant to be! i mean i have always had such a problem with the bible; it's been such a scarey document, and the Jesus in there, seemed so different from the Jesus i know in me. and God seemed so harsh. but now i can really see it as a way to get closer to Jesus for sure. when i read parts of the new testament where Jesus is speaking it's like i can almost hear Him. and it resonates in my heart. i read it and before i know it an hour and a half has gone by while i enjoy my time with Him, getting to know Him better, spending time with Him. it truely is a joy as the words illuminate a different facet of Jesus' time on earth, and the truth of His words. apparently friends have been praying for me to this end :) so God has answered said prayers, very sweetly indeed. thank you my friends, and thank you God!

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