Saturday, August 28, 2004

I think I finally have my page the way I want it. There's no room for anything else lol. There's no room left on the side bar, and the menu has all the menu type stuff, I could fit one more thing in it, but i don't have anymore 'menu type' things, all other additions would have to go on the side bar I imagine.. so I don't know what to do now. I'm sort of toying with another idea, but it might be a little much work that I'm no qualified to do. It always feels strange to me, talking about what I say as if it matters in the least.. but one never knows, it might matter to SOMEONE, and they are always stressing at church the importance of 'witnessing'. i guess that's what i'm doing here, coz i don't have any opportunities, nor much of an inclination to do it in real life. I always have the preconceived notion that people won't receive it well, even here. I remember once some guy left a nasty comment on my blog about my spelling mistakes and a comment i made about the movie 'The Passion'. I was so shocked and hurt by it, but then I thought that there are probably alot of people just reading what I write here and thinking nothing but bad thoughts about it. That's the risk I take I guess. It's just that I am so praying to affect people positively that I am blind to the possibility of the negative. That being said, I should probably take comments off my blog then lol. A couple of friends say hello on them, but other than that nobody uses them.

Anyway, I added a 'negative' section to my site. It's about the devil. A not much talked about subject at that. Thought I would touch on it. Maybe people might be interested, maybe it was just me trying to get rid of the guilt of NOT talking about it. Tho i daresay i did a good job of not talking about it none the less lol. coz it's just a general kind of talk, but hey, what else is there to say? at church you either get the short and sweet 'well rebuke him!!'.. or get hucked into a deliverance ministry of dubious benefit. so anyway, it's kind of a turn for the worse for wonderstruck, but have a little rock n' roll trivia on the dark side under your belt, what can it hurt?

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I have updated ..finally. It was my friend's idea. I was thinking of shutting down the site since I was getting no traffic to it, and she said to redesign and she would put a link back on her site, etc. I'm glad about it all. wonderstruck looks happy again. and i felt real good while i was doing the work too, like God was blessing me. truely.

I had the old design for going on two years, I felt no inspiration to change it, but then when my friend said I should the whole thing just fell into place. I didn't work hard, like I did the first time. This time I used a template. Well, I still had to work kinda hard to adjust the rest of the site to match, and do the coding WITHIN the template.. Let me tell you it's a good thing i figured out a way to do expandable text, coz i was just sorta thinking i would type out the testimonial, but it would have been TOOOOOOO long.. so the expandable text was an inspiration, and i didn't even know how to search for it in google, but i managed to find it, and there was really only ONE way for me to do it, only one page i found with a how to.. lucky.. it's nice when God helps you with your web page. :)

so i hope you enjoy the new design. i took the link to the forums off the page. coz i thought it was just .. i don't know, nobody posted in there anymore except the occaisional spammer, and i thought people would just look at the defunct place funny. but i DID put a link to it on my blog page on the side under 'old stuff'.. a bit sneaky, but it's still there.

i added a new section to my webpage, i'm sure you'll see it on the side bar.. hehe..

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

well, i'm certainly agog with God today. a friend of mine had a miracle. God saved something that was in dire need for her. He orchastrated a detailed set of events to take place just in the nick of time, you know, in the way only God can do. and it was for something that was so important to her. it was some work that she does for God. and now she gets to know for sure just how important that work is to God. i'm so happy for her. we do our things for God, but we are never sure if it's the right thing, or if it pleases God, etc. but now she knows! isn't that wonderful? coz God went out of His way to save it! i'm just soooo gushing over it. God takes care of us so. He loves us so. i love the way He loves us, it makes me feel so special. it makes me feel warm inside. knowing that a loving creator has me in His hands. that's how things are meant to be, i shudder when i think back to my days before God! how horrible they were! i love God ever so!

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