Thursday, August 28, 2003

I have taken up skinning.. my forum, that is. not streaking thru football games like in the seventies or anything like that, you bad eggs; i know what you were thinkin' :)
i've made 3 skins so far. the first two were me trying to copy skins that i liked, that i saw on the net and wanted. copying presents a unique challenge, but also frees up the creative juices to just concentrate on the skinning itself.
the third skin was all my idea. i had found a pattern of cow fur on istock photo, and made a little banner out of it, and i built a cow skin around it. i searched the net for nice pictures of black and white cows to make a big banner out of, and finally managed to find some. it sucks not being an artist. i have to wait for hubby to draw for me, or find something on the net. well look at me, i sure do find stuff to complain about lol... i'm lucky to have hubby to draw for me! he's sooo talented. and i've got a nice website anyway.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

well i have cut off my long red hair, and bleached it blonde... i went to a hair dresser and got it chopped off and then came home with some bleach that was supposed to work better than blondissima. but something told me to do a strand test. so i did, and TWO hours later that hair was just lighter RED. my hair wasn't all that dark to begin with. so anyway, i took the two boxes of bleach back to the drug store and returned them, and bought blondisima. i KNEW that stuff would work, coz i used to bleach my hair WHITE with it years ago. of course i was a little afraid of it, because all my hair broke off at one time also. so anyway, i came home and put the blondisima on my hair and left it on for an hour, and it was pretty light, so i washed it out, but it was still kinda yellowy... so i didn't know what to do, coz if blondisima didn't work, i didn't know what would. it said on the box to go get a hair dye to go on top of it, that would take out the yellow. but i went and looked at all the light blondes, and they all said not to use on freshly bleached hair. so BACK to the hairdresser i went to cry for help. and they were kind of strange about it. what they did was STREAKED my hair with a lighter blonde. i'm not sure what their reasoning was. they were oriental of some sort and i couldn't really understand them. so they put one of those caps on my head and pulled some of my hair thru it and bleached the heck out of it. so my hair is partially yellow and partially white lol.. two toned. it looks better tho. it's do-able now. looks buttery blonde now. almost like i meant to do it this way :) oh and the second time i went to the hair dresser they cut it even shorter. so my hair is pretty darned short. i'm kinda freakin' out a little. but i only cried a bit.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

i've made an art gallery to showcase my hubby's work on my webpage. there's some of his beauuuutiful pencil drawings on there, which i'm really happy about. i sure wish he would draw more. man oh man i struggled with that art gallery. thank goodness there are people out there that can CODE, to write scripts. and thank goodness God is helping and i FIND those scripts out of the blue. and then there is Martyn... after i had written the art gallery, he showed me HIS script for showing pictures, which was way cool, and the rest is history. that's what you see in the art gallery now. i'm quite happy with it all. it's fairly slick looking, considering i don't know what i'm doing. i so badly wanted to do gilles proud, and make his stuff look good. i didn't want it to look cheesey, i wanted it to look like a web artist should look. now i don't think it looks THAT good, but it's nothing to be ashamed of. i just think a web artist would have prolly done something in flash or something. not jiggin' around in scripts.

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

well, it's now the month after my mom died.. i almost forgot to make a blog archive of july. i've been so busy with trying to make the portal and skins work on my board. well i mean. just that i have to make these silly changes to the code to all three skins. and i've had to bug support about various issues. but they are good, the support staff at invision. i still have to make the silly changes to one skin. and i have to figure out a banner for the portal pages or at least an icon..
i grow weary of this... i wish i knew what i was doing. i remember when i was a programmer, i couldn't program until i knew EXACTLY what i was doing. now all i seem to do is fly by the seat of my pants. it's crazy baby yeah! we found this cool web designer yesterday that does web sites for people and forum skins and portals and stuff for people. he does the artwork and the code and everything and he's uber talented. i think it inspired gilles a bit, coz on the phone today he was asking me if i wanted to learn to code. he thought it would be cool if we had something like that we could do. well, i'm not sure i could do that on my own, at home from books i buy at chapters. and i'm not sure i'm up to going back to school. and i think it costs alot to go back to school. but i think it would be neat to do.. web design. i think i'm too sick for it tho... my brain doesn't work the way it used to... when i'm trying to work on my web page, i'm like 'what was i planning on doing ONE SECOND AGO???' lol and it's totally GONE lol it's a wonder i got a web page done at all.

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