Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Yes, I want to live! that may be a rather, prosaic, dr phil kind of 'saying'... but i mean to LIVE, i mean REALLY LIVE... you knoooow? in that i am growing to truely appreciate and love life, truely love and value it. i want the joy of the Lord, the love of my husband, many Christmas'es, lots of flowers over lots of summers, the sweetness of the garden of eden that Jesus has won for us on the cross, and fellowship with God during long drives and cleaning sprees. i want to live!! i'm thinking, SHOULD i want so much good stuff in my life? is that kind of hedonistic of me? but then i think of God's promises. He wants to bless us so. the Lord is my Shephard, i shall not want. that's something isn't it? my cup runneth over! i used to dislike life.. sigh. God has done a work in me that makes my jaw drop in amazement. Sometimes i stop and think about things that have changed in me and i'm awestruck at what God can do.. totally change things that one would think were set in stone. He's made me... want to live... life to it's fullest... a long life, with my husband.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

today i went out to a quilting fabric type shop to find out about fall classes. they had a bunch of quilts on the wall with pieces of paper on them to indicate that they were part of a class being taught. there was only really one that i was interested in doing. it was called the country sampler. it was really cute. a take on a sort of classic country style quilt, made out of different blocks, intersperced with blocks of little colored squares. all the blocks were different; a house, or a barn, i can't remember which. flowers, pine trees, birdy, you get the idea, lots of different pictures, making for an interesting sampler... oh there was also a block of cute little stars, made it look contemporary and cute rather than old style country... yes this was a contemporary and cute one, not an old froo froo style country quilte. it was really neat. it is still yet to be determined whether or not they will let a beginner like me into this class. it may be too advanced, and they may not be teaching the applique... they will phone me and let me know soon. the class starts on oct 16th. i hope they let me in.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

well poor bruce bird died.. i know i JUST SAID that he wasn't dieing, but who knew? i thought he was just missing some butt feathers. i got up from my computer at bed time, to go and put their cover over their cage and trudie bird was up in a corner she never goes into. and she was just frozen there acting weird and staring down into the other corner. there's a little gaurd rail around the bottom of the cage, so i couldn't see, but the thought crossed my mind as i was walking over there that bruce could be dead on the bottom of the cage, and when i got there and looked inside, sure enuff, he was. his poor little ruffled corpse just lay there, i reached inside and picked him up with a paper towel,, wondering if he might start moving, but he was limp. as soon as i took bruce out of there trudie started moving around the cage again. but she was genuinely freaked out by having his dead body in there. so i cleaned out the cage just coz it seemed like the right thing to do. and the next day i went out and bought a new bird for trudie. and when i got it home it had a big lump of poo stuck to it's butt. me and gilles said 'no way'. we weren't going to go thru the same thing as we just did with bruce all over again with another bird. so we took him back and exchanged him for another. this one looks healthy. him and trudie are having dominance issues. i think trudie might not be over bruce so easily. her and bruce were real close :) this time we got a blue budgie. his name is max. trudie and max look pretty together. blue and green.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003

one of our birds is sickly. gilles took him out of the cage today, in his hand, and fed him some castor oil on a tooth pick, coz he has trouble pooing.
he had a big thing of poo stuck to his butt. and he was struggling and biting gilles, until gilles took this warm water and started washing his poor raw bum with it. he's picked all the feathers out of his bum and it's all naked and raw.
so he stopped struggling and started enjoying the warm bath. so cute.
we phoned a bird vet to see how much it would cost. and just the consultation costs fifty dollars. so we will have to think about that one. i mean bruce is not dieing or anything, he's just picking at his bum. silly... the birds are so cheap to buy and so expensive to fix lol.
what i want to see is the day he has to give bruce a teensy weensy birdy enema. that should be intersting. *squawk SQUAWK!!* lol

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

there is a nice old song called 'the green, green grass of home'... but you would not be a-writin' that song about my home during this particular summer. perhaps 'the brown, dead grass of home'; but that's not near as catchy. perhaps God is trying a little bit of reverse psychology on the world today and trying to end the world by making it NOT RAIN. then after we have all turned into pillars of dust, except for a good family that built a dust ark and took all the animals on board, i wonder what kind of a rainbow will be in the sky? will it be one made out of sand? sunshine glistening off of crystals in the sky? like lucy in the sky with diamonds only without any drug references that i'm sure are in that song coz wasn't it written in the sixties? not so psychodelic. anyway, we have a water shortage that is about to get dangerous. they have been asking people to ration. ie. don't water your lawn. but they say that if it doesn't rain soon the reserviors will start running out of water and then what do we do? the newscaster sounded genuinely worried that 'mother nature' wouldn't make it rain anymore.

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