Friday, July 25, 2003

My new bird is sick. i just got him a few days ago. his name is bruce. and trudie bird really likes him now i think. there is a mirror up at the top of the cage, with a little perch on it. and at first trudie was kicking bruce off of the mirror perch. but now that bruce is sick i think trudie is taking care of him and feeling for him. coz she and bruce are together up on that perch and trudie has got her little body shoved up against bruce's shivering self. ooh i feel so bad. i had their cage by a window. i phoned the pet store when bruce took sick and they said that even near a closed window is bad coz that's enuff of a draft. now if birdy dies i will just feel awful. him and trudie are so close already. my hubby is looking at me funny and going 'ummm, i don't think animals feel love'. but i don't think that's true. i think animals are very loving. almost with a pure love. i'm convinced of it. i've heard too many stories, especially of the way animals cry and mourn when it's mate dies and stuff. anyway, i hope bruce lives, coz i think him and trudie are in love :)

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

there are so many layers to life, aren't there? i am doing laundry. i just bought a parakeet. i have a pain threatening in my tummy. my mom just died of cancer. my husband says we are blessed because we will love each other forever. my dog is old. we had hotdogs and a really yummy homemade salsa and fruit salad for dinner. we sponsor a world vision girl. it's a warm summer night. the neighbor guy didn't come to my mother's memorial service. Jesus and I will be together forever. i sure could do with a slurpee. i own the movie 'there's something about mary'. my baby niece will tell me she loves me if she's told to. the bible is the truth. my website is taking up alot of my time lately. my living room is painted red. friends are important. we are in God's hands. anything can happen. i have 3 beanie babies. we have an enemy of our souls. Jesus came to save us.

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

my mother has died. and my chest feels like it's going to cave in. the ache feels like a second heart beat. it hurts so much to know that i have to spend the rest of my life without her. i love her so much. i will miss her so much. she was turning into so much fun, and now she's gone. we were just getting ready for a second ikea trip. i was really looking forward to that. my mother is so much fun to go to ikea with. she appreciates it so much, and just fills the cart. it's an extravaganza. i hope they have ikeas in heaven. they must. i hope mum is there right now, decorating her mansion. i hope Jesus is helping her shop. do you think Jesus has time for us all in heaven? one on one time? :) i guess He does, since He's obviously omnipresent. ONE Jesus, ALOT of Ikeas lol... and alot of time :) have fun mom!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

well! i've finally got my forum up and running! my NEW forum that is, the one on so it's got no ads on it. and it's skinnable. so it's lookin' pretty funky. and let me tell you it was like pulling teeth to get it backed up and transfered over from my invisionfree board (the one with ads on it). i've been working on that little venture for like two weeks. trying to get the support people, or person, i needed just to pay attention to me was a neet trick. when i finally go them paying attention to me, then to get them on the job wa something else. and i waited and waited and waited and waited. it was very stressful, let me tell ya. in the end, i finally got the backup and sent it to my support people and they said it had errors and they couldn't see a resolution to the problem. it was crazy! all that sweat on my part only to be thwarted in the end. finally they changed the version on my board to match the version on their board and it worked! and i was VERY relieved i must say. that's the kind of adventure i can do without lol

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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

yes, i forgot to mention, that has died a tragic death. it is no more. it has shuffled off the net coil. it bought the farm. it passed away. it's time was up. i put some pennies over it's eyes and held a good old fashioned irish wake for it. just kidding. we all much mooooooove over to the new website for the forum and stuff.... and oh oh oh! AND, i launched the new radio station last night. and everything seems to be working fine, that is if ozzy osbourne's 'crazy train' didn't keep showing up in my play list when i keep on deleting the file. not a very Christian track lol... i'm also not sure, but maybe my radio station stopped playing when my screen saver came on.. you know that black screen energy saver mode... i will have to check on that. or get megsy to help me check on that. i don't know WHAT i would do without her :) she's my main net woman! we have tons of fun together. missed you alot lately megsy. wow, no posts for a week, and then two in one day, you guys prolly won't read the second one, will think it's an email glitch that you got two today :)

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Hello everyone... i'm trying to change my freakin' blog template! i have been up until 3 in the morning trying to get it done. it made husband threaten to unplug my computer. i'm about to change over the template now... from my old one to my new one, so if my blog NEVER works again, you will know why lol... sooo, for those about to post, we salute you. oh man, now i'm going to have acdc's for those about to rock running thru my head all darned day. i must blame the people at blog studio for that. anyway, this silly template is asking me to put my date 'code' beside a div class thingy... now i'm only assuming that my date code is the $ thingy that comes within the blogger code, and how am i supposed to put all that div class stuff within the blogger code? well i did, that's why i'm saying my template prolly won't work. so we shall have to see... so hopefully this isn't the last post you ever see from me again lol.. my last template bit it when my website bit it... by the way, the new website is ...see you there!

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