Monday, November 24, 2003

did i ever tell you that i had met a woman at church? it seems God is trying to get me planted there... she takes me out for lunch on sundays with a huge group of people. and she is TRYING to get me out to life women on tuesday mornings at the church. i always wanted to go, but it's at 9:30 in the morning! i'm never up that early. anyway, she is a nice woman, we always have nice little talks at the end of the table. and she has a daughter that always says 'MOM!' when she says something 'wrong'.. i invited her to come and see my Christmas tree, then she can decide whether she wants that particular model, since it's such a good deal. i think my tree looks pretty all-around good. you can see thru it a little in the middle, but other than that it's good.. and that's only where the window is behind it, shining light through. she should like it. anyway.. i always find it so dangerous making new friends. lol. coz the last new friend i made was when i lived elsewhere, she was a neighbor, so nice at the beginning. and THEN, i spent YEARS not being able to speak while she talked my ear off and stabbed me in the back lol.. so i'm always so skeered. but i'm assuming that God picked this woman to get me to stay in the church, coz i was thinking of leaving it for gilles. maybe, huh? :) and then it would be good.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

just testing to see if a pic will show up in this blog or if i have to upgrade to the pro or whatever... i also want comments, but we shall see.
i can't have my b2 blog anymore, and we want people to be able to participate! ok, here goes!

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Well gang, i'm destroying my husband has gone out on strike and we are trying to save money. megsy has taken the files over to her site. Site is Here Now so i am losing my forum, and the b2 blog, which megsy is determined to set up again :) b2 was not so easy to set up tho.. lots of fiddling and required help.. so i'm kind of sad today, losing my own presence on the web. but making a merger with megsy is happy. she has totally helped me out. she has offered me a free directory, and she transferred my site for me, late into the night, while i sat here like a shell-shocked slug, trying not to cry. she really took care of me. i can't express... sniff sniff. i don't know how i would have gotten thru this without her. i would have just LOST my website, for sure. she is so cool. she turned a bad thing into a nice merger fun thing. i suppose this is the best place to post this... coz the blog won't disappear when the website is deleted... hope we can move on happily :) and wait for megsy to get us set back up again lol

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i've gone and cut some MORE off my hair. i went to the dentist today and had a wisdom tooth pulled, and he mentioned that the girl janet, two doors down is a really good hair dresser, that every one always comments on his hair when she does it... so i strolled over after my appt, with a big wad of gauze in my cheek, and asked her if she could do a better job... she brought out some magazines for me to look thru and sat me down, and there i was... lookin'... and i found this one messy cut that i liked that stuck out on the sides, but also on the back too, and kinda layed down in front, it was shorter than i liked, so i had to convince her to leave a bit of hair down behind my jaw. but anyway, it is meg ryan sticky uppy all over except the sideways bangs that lay down in front.
so check it out gang... THIS time i will give the url to the b2 blog properly...Go find my recent hair cut

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

i haven't posted in here for a while... coz i had pictures and i didn't want to work out the links.. i'll just give the link to the page... link to b2 blog i put up my Christmas tree today, coz i just couldn't wait any longer *whine whine* my sister in law said 'i kneeew you couldn't wait until december 1st!'... well, i GOT the tree so i could start celebrating Christmas early lol.. i get so sad when Christmas ends, so maybe now i can make it last a little longer. it just goes so fast. i don't like that it goes so fast. and there's some pictures of my paintjob, and my counter top, along with my Christmas tree. so have fun!

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

i messed with my hair again. i took in a picture of meg ryan and got it chopped. it's just that it looked so bad, coz it was so damaged from bleaching it. now my hair is REALLY short. well, since i haven't posted a pic of my dark hair.. and now it's all short, i guess i should post a pic. so here it is. and there's the color of my walls in the background, the results of all that painting. i'm standing right in front of the wall, so there's a funny shadow of my hair against the wall, it makes my hair look 'poofey' lol. i took some other pictures of the place, but none of them really captured the color. but i will post more pics later anyway, you gotta see my fibre optic lights :)

Me with short hair

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Saturday, November 01, 2003

We took my little niece out to get candy. at first she was not wanting to go on. my bro was saying to her, 'where should we go next hannah?' wanting her to point at a house, and she would say 'next go home' :) she said that a few times, and we would say 'nooo, let's go get some more candy!' and she wouldn't say anything, but she would silently follow us lol. she would complain at the doors that the fireworks were scaring her and 'yelling' at her. her mom and dad would say 'yell trick or treat' and she would say 'i don't want to'.. then she started yelling at the doors, really loudly, at the top of her lungs 'HEY!!' or 'HELLOOO!' she was dressed up as a little felt froggy.. what a rude, loud frog :P she was so cute ...
but after a while she was getting the hang of it and yelling trick or treat. i had to leave my place unattended, so i couldn't hand out candy anymore. oh well, i guess i will have to eat it all :) i watched a vampire movie on tv, the one with willem dafoe as the vampire. vampire movies are ok coz vampires are fictional :) but i don't like the ones that are REALLY violent and looking demonic and stuff.
well, now it's time to look forward to Christmas! i can hardly wait! *shneebloink* i went to ikea the other day, and bought some Christmas ornaments to match the new color of my house.. it's in fashion i guess. never been in fashion before. i always just did my own thing. my mother used to say i was ahead of fashion, coz what i did came INTO fashion a couple years later. but i have never picked a home decor color, a weird color, and gone into ikea and found they picked the same weird color for Christmas and tea lights and stuff.. and of course my cool fibre optic lights.. hopefully gilles will put those up soon, tomorrow maybe? they are the same cool color, i got the last three with the blue stickers on the box. those lights sold out so fast. God was smiling on me when He saved the last three for me. :) oopsy, forgot to blog this.. it was sitting in the queue for hours and hours. i sewed a little quilted thing to go between the birdcage and the wall. hubby wanted something to insulate. he thinks it will be too cold and drafty against that wall for the birds. so now they have a nice little blanket thingy to go there, the material is a brightly colored jungle theme, with parrots and stuff on it. and giraffes and lions. fun. didn't know anything about quilting. i just sewed squigly lines on the thing. turned out ok. woohoo for me.
anyway. we say good bye to halloween and thanksgiving.. at least in canada, not sure when it is in america. and go on to Christmas watch for the next month. coz as soon as the calendar clicks over to december then UP go the decorations lol. did i mention that i have decided to make the big leap from real to fake Christmas tree? coz i want to set it up early and leave it up late :) you can't do that with a real one! and they get so droopy and yucky. at first the decision was hard and i was worried i would be sad, but the more i think about it, the better it feels lol it can be up for six weeks, it will always look good, no heartbreak as it dies and gets thrown out, no mess, no fuss, no bugs.. good good. and of course we will save money after a couple years. trees are getting expensive now. at least the home grown ones are. oh benny and joon is on.. now do i watch moonstruck twice? or benny and joon once. moonstruck on twice in a row. but it's THAT good. i'm the kind of person who can watch movies many times, if they are a certain type of feel good movie. hubby rolls his eyes at me. and he certainly rolls his eyes at the movies. naw, i'll go for benny and joon. cute movie. for sure i'm rambling on and on. must end bloggie entry.

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