Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hey thanks you guys for keeping up posting! i have been away from the computer, except a moment here and there to check in. I have been PAINTING! and how! the dining room and the living room and the office and the hallway, and even one of the kitchen walls... we have an open plan you see. so there's no where to STOP lol. God REALLY helped me! it was a totally amazing thing that i could paint like that. today i'm crashed on the couch, all sleepy and stuff, like usual lol.. so i'm going to take a B12 and go rake the yard, coz we had a big wind storm and there are huge leaves all over the place. but anyway, my point was, i wasn't crashy on paint days.. God really took care of me in an amazing way. now my house is a bright robin's egg blue.. well maybe a deeper color than a robin's egg.. i didn't want pastel. i wanted COLOR. but i didn't want a dark room.. it's in between :) i definately wanted to lighten up the place, that was the whole point! and i took those blinds off the windows that block all light out, and i put that frosting stuff part way up the window, so nobody can see in, but WE can walk up to the window and still see out. and it lets ALL the sunlight in, in a nice soft way. i'm going to get a fig tree for the end of the couch. we have never been able to have plants before, coz it was too dark. will be nice. oh and i found these cool fibre optic lights at ikea. for like $20.. then i'm done. i will have to take pics soon. :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?
A: Unique up on it

Q: How do you catch a tame rabbit?
A: Tame way, unique up on it

Q: How do crazy people go through the forest?
A: They take the psycho path

Q: How do uou get Holy water?
A: You boil the hell out of it

Q: What do fish say when they hit a concrete wall?
A: Dam!

Q: What do eskimos get from sitting on ice for too long?
A: Polaroids

Q: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work?
A: A stick

Q: What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
A: Nacho Cheese

Q: What do you call Santa's helpers?
A: Subordinate Clauses

Q: What do you call four bullfighters in quicksand?
A: Quatro Sinko

Q: What do you get from a pampered cow?
A: Spoiled milk

Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
A: Frostbite

Q: What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
A: A nervous wreck

Q: Why is a Texas tornado like an Arkansas divorce?
A: Someone's gonna lose a trailer

And my two personal favourites...

Q: Why don't blind people like to sky dive?
A: Because it scares the hell outta the dog

Q: Why did the pilgrims' pants fall down?
A: Because they wore their belt buckle on their hat

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Friday, October 17, 2003

man oh man, i'm sore. i organized the kitchen cupboards and stuff? just puttered around all night, cleaning and cleaning. and you can barely notice what i did. it's just not right lol. i want to paint this place. i want a dramatic effect! i walked out and bought hubby some tupperware spice containers. he had all these bags of spices in bowls on the counter. so i put all the spices from the bowl on the counter in the spice containers, and then i find another bowl on the other counter, full of bags of spices. i made him a spice drawer. :) recruited one of the junk drawers for spices. i'm just so chumped that i worked so hard and the place really doesn't look all that much different. i washed the cupboards and stood back and looked at the kitchen to see if it looked .. brighter or something, and it didn't lol.. i dusted alot coz i thought 'well if you want things to look good ya can't have that dusty' and then it didn't really help :( *whine whine* i think it would take me like two months to paint this place, what with my back and all. lol. would be bad. but i totally WANT TO. the dark color in here has been driving me nuts for like a year and i think i have just hit the wall. but it's more than that, i have this craving to do something big in here, specifically paint. and i think it's good that God gave me something to do, coz i haven't felt like doing much.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Do you have stuff that you SHOULD like? or everybody else likes? or you argue with your husband about liking? coz YOU just don't like it? What are they?

Long Baths: I know most people love to relax in a long bath, but i get a cricked neck, and i get too hot, and i get sweat dripping down into my eyes and don't like the way it feels.

blockbuster novels: they sucker you in, and you are like cattle going around those cattle fences to the slaughter, they herd you :)

lying at the beach: boring boring boring, and too hot, roasting in the sun, and i would just get a sun burn, why would anybody want to DO that?

cooking: i can't stand cooking, and that's one thing my hubby loves and thinks is a great thing. i know alot of people love it, and i know food is so yummy. i truely don't know what's wrong with me :)

that 70's show: it's a funny show and everything, and hubby loves it, but i always skip over it when i'm home alone. it irritates me.

being a passenger: my sister in law loves being driven around, won't even get her licence. but me? i gotta drive, i am too scared to be a passenger, and it hurts my back to not hold the steering wheel.

small talk: i'm shy and i'm no good at small talk. i have nothing to say about the weather, and i can't talk about work coz i don't work. and i can't talk about my kids coz i don't have any kids, etc etc..

Cranberry Sauce: you know, with turkey dinner? it's supposed to be part of the tradition and everyone loves it. YUCK, who wants fruit with meat?

the rolling stones and the beetles: i think they make bad music and should give themselves a good spanking.
i remember when me and hubby first started dating, he took me to a movie, without consulting me whether i wanted to see it, a surprise type deal. it was the rolling stones at IMAX lol you know the movie theatre with the HUGE screen? so anyway, as we are standing in line to get in, gilles asks me what i think, and i say 'the rolling stones? i don't like them SMALL' lol.. and the guy behind us in line starts sniggering. and gilles is like 'oh man you could have told me' and i was like 'you could have asked' :P it was funny.

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i've gone and messed with my hair again. i tired of the blonde really quickly. first it was too yellow, then it was too white.. and all along it grew ROOTS too quickly. and then i had this fear in the back of my mind of my hair breaking off.. coz that's what happened the LAST time i bleached my hair, when i was young. it all broke off in this big circle at the top of my head, like a fryer tuck bald spot, but it broke off at about an inch long. dreadful. anyway, what with dyeing my hair red for years, and then this session with blonde and the roots that came with that, i have had roots for like.. i don't know.. many years.. and i just wanted a break from the dark roots showing like that. so i dyed my hair a real dark color. it looks even darker than my natural color, coz my natural color isn't the color it is at the roots. so my hair is a dark auburn. i couldn't decide between a purpley red and an orangey red, you know, in the dark range.. so i picked one that had BOTH a slight purpley and a slight orangey. it's quite a funky, glowey red. we got out of the hair dresser and we went and bought a drink. i went with my sister in law, coz i thought it was a girly thing to do, fun fun. anyway, when we were buying our drinks, the woman behind the counter complimented me on my hair color :) so i thought that was pretty wild. i didn't know you could GET complimented on brownish-red hair lol i would think it would be too middle of the road. i mean, i had auburn hair naturally when i was young, i think it lost it's reddish tint when i lost my health, but anyway, i don't recall ever getting complimented on my hair color. that would be like complimenting julia roberts on her hair color.. i mean, it's not going to happen. when i comes to julia roberts somebody might mention her lyrically beautiful face, or her huge bright smile, or something like that, and about her hair, they might say, nice length, nice wavey hair, or curls, or whatever you would say about the fullness of her hair. but nobody given to dying their hair for fun would say, 'give me that midtone brown that would borderline mousey if it wasn't for those red highlights' but julia roberts is looking for that natural beauty type deal i guess, america's sweetheart// my hair is substancially more red than julia robert's is, and a darker shade. all damaged and NON-lyrically beautiful. when i first cut my hair it was so soft and non-damaged :( then i had to go and bleach it. my hair is crunching at this point. lol. i think that's coz the hairdresser put some moose or gel or something in it. i mean it couldn't be THAT damaged could it? that it's crunching? i shall stop thinking about it..
oops i forgot to post this, is it two days later? lol.. well i scrunched my hair and i still heard a little crunch, and of course the mooouse has been washed out. my hair is damaged i think, judging by the 'crunch-o-meter'.. aah well, i shall have to take a picture.. soon :)

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Monday, October 13, 2003

it's nice to have the break from the forum. to not have to work on here all the time. i think i will take as much time off as possible from computer oh so hard work before Christmas. then i will have fun over the Christmas season on puter. aaah.. 'you've got mail' is on tbs tomorrow night. i started chatting coz of that movie.. what year was that in the theatres? that's the year i started up mschat, remember that chat program that used to come with windows? before microsoft put their chat on the msn site.. circa 1998 .. so i've been chatting for around 5 years.. tho i have been known to stop for like a year or two at a time in there at times lol ... i was on the net before that, but just never chatted, i was like adverse to chatting or something. i thought only weird people chatted and just did weird things with each other :P hubby talked me into chatting after seeing the movie. i was all nervous. with good reason lol.. Christian chat is cool.. but try non-Christian chat for a while and see what happens. it ain't pretty at times. well even Christian chat can get crazy i think.. i was chatting in this particular room back when. it's where i met megsy, and that room fell apart in a flurry of nutzo soap opera scum tradgedy whackiness that would have given the secular world a run for it's money. did i use enuff adjectives and nouns there? anyway, it was quite frightening. i didn't take part in the brouhaha, but heard about parts of it second hand from people that were closer to the heart of the matter. we just don't expect that from Christians. in the words of sass jordan, 'take the high road easy' people, chat healthy!

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Well we spent the day cleaning off the deck. it was crrraaazy out there, all this wood panelling stacked against the railing, stacks of lumber. beer bottles, wine bottles, water bottles. there was these ikea shelves out there full of junk. it was just ugly.. there was alot of cleaning and restructuring of the storage shed to do. poor hubby's back took a beating today. so did mine in fact.. i hurt mine moving around the patio furniture.

mini revelation.. you can relax because you WANT to be good. some people never realize this. they are fighting this Christian battle, coz they think they want to be bad, and they are always seeing how far they can push. but i think the words freedom in Christ mean, freedom to be good, coz God enables you. you could never be anything approaching good without God. so you can relax in that; God's kingdom.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Bad Teddies! Bad!

Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Note

So Oprah was talking about jury trials and there was people who went to prison and found God there. there was particularly this one woman who had been wrongfully accused of molesting like a hundred children at the daycare she worked at, and she spent years in prison and a year and a half in solitary confinement, and oprah asked her how she made it thru without going insane, and the woman said 'with the Lord's help' and talked about God a bit.. there was also a 13 yr old boy who was in prison for murder, who found God, they mentioned that, and later that woman mentioned how she read the bible in solitary confinement, and oprah said (she was speaking of her trial with the beef industry) 'i know what you mean, when your life is in the hands of a jury, you call on Je-SUS! not the universe, not no angels, but JESUS, the man Himself JEEEESUS!!'... i was so excited. i have been waiting for oprah to come around for so long, and she finally did, with that one sentence, she said it all.. you know she always had that gary zukav guy on for her spirituality, and he always called 'god' 'the universe'.. as in 'the universe' will guide you'.. creepy guy.. so i was so happy when i heard oprah say NOT 'the universe' but JESUS... and i haven't seen that gary zukav guy on the oprah show in quite some time. so i hope she's coming around. she can reach so many people. i mean all she said was that one sentence, and it was the truth, and it rang out like a bell, and stood out in sharp relief, for me anyway.. and i wonder for how many more people. how many people heard oprah winfrey say NOT THE UNIVERSE, NOT ANGELS, but JEEEEESUS, only JESUS!! i mean she didn't even say 'God' like it couldn't be misinterpretted like a new age thing. she said JESUS :) it was freakin' beautiful.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

remember that song? 'i want candy, candy on the beach there's nothin' better. i like candy when he's wrapped in a sweater..' ok, the song wasn't technically about CANDY candy.. must have been about JOHN candy :) who was it by? bowowow i think. done to the beat of bo diddley's song there there.. bo diddley bo didley have you heard? i got bo diddley's autograph when i was about five years old, in my little plastic autograph book. me and my parents were having breakfast in some hotel, and my dad said 'hey there's bo diddley! go ask him for his autograph elaine!' i was like 'oh man, do i have to? who the heck is bo diddley??' and i was so shy, but my dad was all excited and forceful that i HAD to go. i don't know what ever happened to that autograph book tho :( but i digress, i was talking about wanting candy. coz i was eating gummy bears and i just wanted to say that they tasted SO good, coz i ate this microwave popcorn that i put too much salt on, and my mouth was burning from it. so i ate those gummy bears after and it was like the perfect thing to eat after i guess. they were like soooothing, the jelly was just the right texture to sooth, and the sweetness was not too too sweet. the only thing that wasn't right was, i didn't have ENUFF gummy bears. i could have eaten many more. fun candy website: THE WILLY WONKA CANDY FACTORY it's hershey's site i believe. the front page is all done in halloween stuff at the moment.. so i guess that's not very Christian for us lol. speaking of halloween! that's a very candy rich fall festival :) hubby almost bought halloween candy the other day at the store, but then he looked over at me and said 'nah it will probably get eaten before halloween'.. wonder why he thought that *grin*.. leftover halloween candy last MONTHS in the cupboard.. oh well, i would have eaten some tonight! plus i prolly would have eaten more BEFORE halloween than AFTER halloween, coz like yer not supposed to *naughty pleasures*
fun little candy game: Name That Candy Bar it's amazing how many chocolate bars you recognize by a picture of their cross-section. comes from staring lovingly at them while you are eating them i guess..
oh it's amazing what comes from eating gummi bears and then searching the web.. this is a cool site: Candy You Ate as a Kid i found these awesome cinnamon toothpicks i used to chew until they were mulch as a kid, but they stopped selling them as far as i knew. so as far as i'm concerned this site rocks.. i've actually searched the net for those toothpicks before and couldn't find them. well. the site doesn't ship to canada, so i can't actually ORDER the toothpicks, boohoo :( but it's good to know they are out there and can be had, just not by me lol. they are so yummy. anyway, this post is taking forever and turning into an epic candy saga.. one last link: Brain Candy quotable quotes and advice from celebraties. eat it up! have fun y'all, i remain, elaine..

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Today was my birthday, well the 5th was, i think the date has already changed on here, and it's almost midnight anyway. me and gilles went to church and then went out to lunch at the cactus club. the jumbalaya rice bowl i had was too spicey and had a predominant spice i didn't like, and plus i TOLD them it was my birthday and they didn't give me a free desert or say boo or ANYTHING to make it special. my hubby made me a wonderful dinner, ribs and mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. he's so awesome to me, i'm so lucky and blessed by him :) and i have a nice new outfit from tabi international ... they have some nice clothes in there, a tad pricey, but i just discovered them, so i'm allowed. anyway, my outfit is a teal and purple paisley corduroy pants and jacket set. way cool. anyway, what else? my two brothers sent me one line messages wishing me a happy birthday lol they are so verbose. hannah sent me an ecard, and so did my friend cindy from back home. my dad and my sister in law gave me happy birthday phone calls :) oh and me and gilles went to the store and picked out a cake, i picked this little carrot cake, coz gilles likes carrot cake and i wanted him to have some with me; he decorated it with chocolate writing and little candles, and sang me happy birthday after our wonderful dinner. i was sooooo full! yes it was a full day, a good day, yes yes :)

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Saturday, October 04, 2003

updates. i have quit the forum, so i should be very sad today, and nobody even said boo about it, so i should be even sadder, but actually i'm in a fine mood in love with God today. i feel very blessed. my brother is in the process of finalizing a deal to buy a home just a few doors down from us, so we will be watching his baby grow up and i will get to go swimming with his water baby wife, and have coffee with my brother. blessed blessed blessed. oh, and last week i felt this urge to watch an infomercial so i turned one on, and it was about this pain killing TAPE, and it was on a night i was depressed about my husband's back pain, and i thought, maybe, just maybe God was leading me to it, so i sent away for some, it wasn't expensive or anything, really.. so it came on friday, and it's been on his back for two days and he hasn't had to take pain killers where normally he would have, and the pain has really diminished... it's not totally gone, and he says the real test will be when he has to work, but he says the biotape is working, for sure, it just hasn't taken away the pain totally. so we shall see, how bad the pain will be when he works. but he hasn't had to take those stomach killing habit forming awful painkillers, and i'm happy about that! Thank You Jesus! I Just thought so, you know? that God was leading me.. to that whacky pain tape... i wrote about it in my forum, but i don't think anybody read it lol.. yep, it was time to shut her down. i wonder if anybody reads my blog? the joy of it is.. i guess i'll never know! :)

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Friday, October 03, 2003

well i'm quitting the forum.. the end of an era. *sigh* well it was a pretty short era. lol. i always said i would just give it the old college try and see how it goes. but i think i have had ONE poster in in the last week. and i have four posters total. one that comes in every couple days, one that comes in every couple weeks, one that comes in every couple months, and then there my buddy who has disappeared on me, oh and hubby comes in every now and then too. all in all it means that i'm sitting around every evening trying to make a forum interesting and i'm beginning to wonder why i'm doing it, it's not growing, and i think the people, the above mentioned couple people are only coming coz they feel sorry for me lol.. so i will do a blog thing and won't KNOW that nobody is reading it. oh well, i guess i will, if nobody leaves comments. *sigh, carlo, there's no way out!* lol just kidding... anyway, guess there was just no need for my forum. i used to go to chat rooms and tell people about it, and some would join, but they would never come back. oh well... sad....

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