Sunday, June 29, 2003

hello! i'm getting complaints here that the blog pipeline appears to be clogged with poop *is there a plumber in da howz?* i keep forgetting to write in here, i'm busy enuff with the silly forum, trying to keep it up and running while faced with what appears to be a mild case of forum-i-don't-wanna-posty-itis from the crowds lol (obviously i'm not talking about those who DO post) and i've just made the investment into paying more money to have an ad free forum and stuff, all in for the forum investment... i hope it goes well. i'm having some trouble getting my posts and stuff transfered over to my new board... the support person from invision free who is supposed to help me hasn't answered my post to him, in like two days. tomorrow will be the third day i have been waiting for him to answer me. the sales guy at invision told me it would be no problem to get my board transfered over. i don't think that that was quite accurate. in that i'm having a problem. i was asking a different guy at invision free (one that answers posts) and he said that they do this sort of thing all the time. so that kind of made me feel a little bit better. now all i have to do is wait... and wait... and wait... for the other guy to answer my post and get the job done, i guess...

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

well time is running out again for me to get the special on signing up for my new website. why do i keep putting this off? lol coz it's going to be so much work and my parents are here, that's why. i have to set up my whole darn website again. they offered to do it for me. for $45. but they would just transfer all that mess over. i don't want them to do that. there are tons of old files on there, from my old version of the website. lots of stuff that i don't need anymore. even changes to THIS version of the website i think maybe there is old stuff on there. it will be good to get it streamlined again. i don't like wasting space when you only have minimal webspace. i think gilles will be wanting to put art on there one day, and i want to make sure he has room to do that. with these relatively cheap web packages i get, there is not much room on them. tho if i wasn't going for this forum software deal, i could be getting not bad webspace for what i will be paying, if i was going elsewhere. what price this silly forum? lol

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

I'm home! guess i've been away for 5 weeks. that's a long time to be away from my husband. i came home last night and spent a while on the computer lol. i was chatting with someone trying to think of a domain name, because i was rushing to get my new website up. i was trying to take advantage of a special of 'no setup fees'.. but they extended the special for a few more days. so i have some time. last night i held my husband's hand for so long. i was feeling kinda whiney too. i was tired and whiney. God had helped me soooo much while i was on the trip. i thank Him like crazy! He kept me strong, made me stronger than i have been in ages. but when i came home i just felt like being taken care of by my husband. i had not whined about that while i was away, but i did when i came back lol. it was so nice to sleep in my bed, i had a good rest. i'm not turning on the air conditioner today, i'm nice and warm. it's not overly hot, i'm just warm. i was so cold the last few days. i feel good :) Thank You Jesus.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

well the people that run my website went out of business. so i will be losing my money that i paid in advance. they also registered my domain name, i'm not sure if i can wrest it from their slimey grasp. maybe i will change the name of my website. anybody got any good ideas for a website name? time for some changes i think. i think i will get rid of this blog, i never write in it anymore. and i think i will get rid of the forum, nobody is writing in it anymore either. the radio station will be a fun addition, the store is fun too. oh man i will have to change all the pictures if i change the name of the website. maybe i will add a games section after all. well, i just hope my website doesn't just disappear anytime in the near future. it has changed hands. and i can't afford to pay the new company. their plans start at like $13.95 a month, quite ridiculous. anyway, onward and upward..

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