Thursday, June 24, 2004

oh there's no posts listed in my blog.. i guess i haven't posted in a long time. well God has been so good to me it makes me wonder if God isn't trying to make my life super sweet. i wonder if God isn't trying to make everyone's life super sweet and the devil gets in the way. you know that movie 'bruce almighty'? i mean there's alot of silliness about it and all, but there's that part where he's reading the news and all the town starts rioting over the lottery outside, and bruce says 'gotta go' like he's going to help, but he just runs thru the streets not really knowing what to do, then he just cries out for God's help and goes to the warehouse, and God says 'it's not as easy as it looks is it?'.. and i thought that was good, coz like how do you help rioting people without messing with free will, etc? i mean how does God help?? now wonder the world is in such a mess.. and then even WITH submitting to God as a Christian, like DO YOU REALLY? and what's in your best interest? and then there's the devil, what's up with the devil? what's the devil doing and what's he ALLOWED to do? i never get that.. when you get a sickness in your body, where does it come from? does it have to do with free will, or the devil, or why doesn't God cure it all the time? it's so hard to understand, coz i'm convinced that God is really TRYING to give us life and that more abundantly.. so what's the deal folks?

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